Anti-Rape Songs Brock Turner The Rapist Should've Listened To

We write about music here at soundEVOLUTION, not about crime. When the story broke however about that piece of shit rapist Brock Turner, I felt like everyone, including myself should weigh on this. These are the facts: a young, unconscious woman was brutally raped. I'm going to write that again...a young, unconscious woman was brutally raped! This was confirmed by eyewitnesses and he was rightfully convicted of three felony counts in a court of law. What happned next though took this horrific and cowardly act into a completely different stratosphere. The piece of shit rapist was sentenced to only SIX MONTHS in county jail, not federal prison, by a piece of shit judge named Aaron Persky after reading a disgusting letter (in which Turner's father said his son shouldn't pay a steep price for "20 minutes of action" and he's already suffering because "...he doesn't enjoy eating steak like he used to") by Turner's piece of shit father, Dan Turner. By the way, Dan also has a wife and a daughter...I wonder how he'd react if someone had dropped "20 minutes of action" on them. What a fucking asshole he is! This entire situation makes me sick.

The only justice for the victim in this case is the absolute maximum sentence for Turner and for the judge to be removed from the bench since he's clearly a gigantic failure at life. I can only hope she finds the peace she so deserves going forward and can live as normal a life as humanly possible.

Music has always been great therapy for me as it has millions of others. Music that has a social and human aspect has always been my go to for when things get rough. I'm in NO WAY suggesting music can erase what's been done to this innoccent women, but what I do want to say is that there are many artists out there who have spoken out against sexual abuse, the "rape culture" that exists in this world and the instinct by those monsters committing these crimes to cover them up. So to that end, I think those voices (at least the ones I know of) need to be heard louder than ever before! Oh yeah, and FUCK YOU BROCK and DAN TURNER and FUCK YOU AARON PERSKY!

*All video clips are courtesy of YouTube

#BrockTurner #SexualAssault #StanfordRapeCase

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