Holy "Angelfuck", The Misfits are Back!

Just a few short days ago the above photograph was posted all over social media and the internet nearly blew up. I must admit I'm as shocked as anyone to find out that Danzig is ready, willing and able to do this and I give him credit. Fuck yeah I say...why not reunite one of the best and most influential bands of our time? Shit, if Guns & Roses can do it (YAWN) than a real band like The Misfits had better do it!

The Misfits began their assault on the musical landscape in 1977 out of Lodi, New Jersey. Their first official "album", Static Age was recorded in 1978 but not released in its entirety until 1996. This odd occurrence would soon become commonplace for the band. If ever a band was cursed, The Misfits could claim that title. With record label issues, breakups, lawsuits, revolving door-like lineups, more lawsuits, fights, broken relationships and finally a reunion, The Misfits have seen and been through it all. With that being said, the lineup which recorded the songs on Static Age were: singer/songwriter Glenn Danzig, guitarist Franche Coma, Bassist Jerry Only and Mr. Jim on drums. Moving forward though, it would be Danzig and Jerry Only (and later Only's brother Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein) that would make up what most consider the real Misfits lineup.

Glenn Danzig has made a name for himself as a pioneer, visionary, badass, troublemaker, and sometimes just a stubborn, hardheaded guy from New Jersey. All descriptions seem to fit his storied career, with the stubborn part (at least when it came to reuniting the seminal horror punk band) as being the one that fans were so frustrated with. And I get it...when you're a fan (as I am) of the Misfits, a band that's responsible for not only wriitng some of the best punk rock songs ever, but for starting and influencing an entire genre of music, you want that band to be around forever. Well "forever" has taken 33 years but Holy Angelfuck, they're back!!

It's been confirmed by Danzig himself that the reunion will last at least through both scheduled Riotfest shows (Denver and Chicago) and has hinted....hinted that it could lead to more shows and possibly (and hopefully) new music. As mentioned earlier, this band has seemingly been cursed from day one so it's impossible to say what's going to happen after Chicago but I know most, if not all of the rock music world is hoping for very long Last Caress!!

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