Boy from the Crowd - A Double Dose of Power and Drive

Energy, angst and a distinctly unique sound...this is precisely what you get when listening to the power duo that is Boy from the Crowd.

Hatched from London, England, Boy from the Crowd consist of two like minded musicians in Vinny Piana (guitars and vocals) and Vegas Ivy (drums and percussion) who deliver a powerful, blues infused, punk rock punch to the gut. Take some big, bluesy rock riffs, a pounding drumbeat and the combination of Joe Strummer and David Bowie on vocals (yeah, you read that correctly) and you've got the finished product that is Boy from the Crowd.

I know there's been a spike in the amount of "duo bands" (thanks Jack White) for quite some time, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but it can be a bit gimmicky to some. I personally do not feel that way because the music is all that ever matters and if you're one, two or seven in a band, who cares? Piana and Ivy don't need anyone else as they attack, without deviation, all of your musical senses. Their sound makes you stand up and pay attention to the music they create and you're better off for it.

All I Need is a heavy, blues rocker with an agitated Vinny Piana growling his punk infused vocals and angry guitar unapologetically at anyone and anything within ear shot. The song ebbs and flows with different emotions along the way. It's the kind of musical journey you're glad to be on while you try and hang on for dear life at the same time.

Revelator could be a b-side to David Bowie's I'm Afraid of Americans with Piana's guitar taking the place of the synthesizer. It's infectious and dark yet has its own weird way of being upbeat. Take a listen with some headphones and experience all the nuance layered within.

Boy from the Crowd is a band that simply needs to be heard. Luckily you can do that right now...right here...what are you waiting for???

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