Unhinged - Their Latest Release, Keep It Moving, Is a Blast of Fury You Need to Hear Right Now!

As a music fan, sometimes it takes a few listens to get the feel or vibe of what you're listening to. Sometimes it takes a while before you can even decide if what you're hearing is something you like...something that will move you. Sometimes...

Unhinged, a four-piece out of Stourbridge, UK have released an EP called Keep It Moving that hits you like a freight train barreling down the tracks and keeps you hanging on for a vicious rock and roll ride! No second listen required to decide if this is for you...it is and it's undeniable.

The first track, "Keep It Moving" opens with an infectious drum beat leading directly into a fast, groove-laden guitar riff reminiscent of classic Queens of The Stone Age. A bellowing scream from singer Mike Hodges introduces you to the first verse and away you go. The title of this song couldn't be any more fitting as you can't help but feel like you're tearing down the highway in a '65 Mustang headed anywhere the song wants to take you.

"Reignite" is next up and by now you're ready for another big, groovy riff with Hodges going back and forth between his made for rock and roll howl and passionate screams. Backed by the driving rhythm section of Ben Armstrong on bass and Dave Kiteley on drums, and shredding guitar work of Dan Hipkiss, Unhinged is just getting started on this journey and you're along for the ride.

The third song of the set, "Reaper", opens with a chugging riff and catchy melody, and eventually delivers the listener into a great breakdown towards the end of the song which shows some of Unhinged's hardcore roots (check out their first release, Nostalgia here which is influenced by true NYHC like Agnostic Front) and gives you a taste of their diversity.

Keep It Moving closes with the amped up, fast paced, "Addict." This is a frenetic, hardcore punk explosion which does what any great closer should do...make you salivate for more.

Keep It Moving is an excellent release and Unhinged is a great band who takes its influences, weaves them into a tightly wound ball of fury and delivers a mood and sound all their own. They're loud, fast and full of energy. They're unapologetic in sound and attitude. Get on this freight train now or get run over by it, those are your only choices!

Check out more from Unhinged here and here

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