Isaac Gracie - Songs From My Bedroom Will Prove To Be One Of The Best Releases Of 2016

When music is at its best, its true, unequivocal best, it is honest and passionate. It takes you to places you cannot reach when not listening to music. It gives you the feeling that nothing else in the world means a thing during those precious few moments when the songs are playing. Isaac Gracie, a 21 year old from Ealing, a suburb in West London, England has created music at its true, unequivocal best.

Songs From My Bedroom is the debut EP from this seemingly quiet and unassuming young man with the musical soul of someone who's lived more lifetimes than most. Someone who's experienced heartache and pain yet has the wherewithal and prudence to tackle any demon head on through song. Gracie's songs evoke the passion, honesty and emotion you'd expect from an artist who has finally come into their own, maybe a decade into their career; not someone who literally recorded a song in his bedroom using GarageBand!

When I first heard the track "Last Words" (the first song on the EP) I was mesmerized. It's very difficult to describe, but it sounded like was beautiful and comfortable like something I'd known my entire life. It's soaked in old Americana with an eerie, chilling vibe. The softness of Gracie's voice along side his delicate guitar strumming brings Jeff Buckley back to life in a way the late, great singer would be proud of. "Last Words" is one of those songs that has "instant classic" written all over it. The first time you hear this song it instantly attaches itself to your soul and will stay with you forever.

The next song off the EP is entitled "Terrified" and the ghostly, mysterious atmosphere is back in full swing. A bit more upbeat than "Last Words" (although slightly), Gracie laments during the chorus "I'm terrified that maybe I wasn't cut out for this" and you can't help but feel the sincerity pouring out of him. These first two tracks are simply flawless.

"Hollow Crown" is a soft ballad with lyrics that are more whispered than sung. It reminds me of the classic singer/songwriter era of the 1970's. Gracie's ability to be haunting and inspiring all at once really shines on this track.

The set closes with a really cool and unique sounding tune called "Darkness of the Day" which sounds like Jack Johnson singing an early 1950's Elvis Presley demo recorded at Sun Studios. It's as stripped down as a recording can possibly be. If you closed your eyes you'd think you were in the room with him while this song was being recorded.

Isaac Gracie is the kind of talent that does not come along every day...far from it in fact. His ability to create mood, atmosphere and chilling, honest emotion is something I latch onto as a music fan and I'm quite certain anyone listening to this collection will feel the same.

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