Buzz Rodeo Needs to be Screaming Out of Your Speakers!

One of the great things about music is how quickly we can latch on to something we hear. I tend to think of this as a musical memory. We hear a guitar chord, a bass line, a drum beat, a vocal and we almost instantaneously develop a feeling. Do we love it, hate it, understand it, does it remind us of a time period in our lives, does it excite us and on and on and on. When I first heard the opening notes of "Arkansas" off of Buzz Rodeo's debut album Sports, I knew within seconds I had found something great, something familiar yet fresh, something seemingly wriiten specifically for me. My music memory kicked in and allowed my soul to approve of what I was hearing.

Another great thing about music is how subjective it is. We all have our own tastes, likes and dislikes. I challenge you though, if after listening to Sports you don't start thinking about bands like Fugazi, Bleach era Nirvana and Sonic Youth, get back to me and explain how you don't hear it. It will be quite difficult for you to do so. Buzz Rodeo has a sound, an attitude and a song writing talent that few display these days. Yes it's recognizable to a degree (show me a piece of music that isn't) but it's also so easy to move these German rockers into a class of their own right now. They are working with influences they relate to and creating something unique for the rest of us to enjoy.

The lead track, "Arkansas" bludgeons you with a groove right from the start and never lets up. It's gradual build up and slope back down again is a great ride which sets the tone for the rest of the album. This is followed by "Home" and its desperate, angst filled chorus of "I'm coming home" and you start to realize these guys are serious about what they're doing. The pure chaos of "Elephant Rifle" is like a sonic jolt of caffeine and the album closer, "Pretty Lousy Bastard" could be an 80's new wave/punk romp that you've just rediscovered and can't stop listening to.

All in all, the 11 tracks on Sports are well worth listening to and telling your friends about. I for one think they're one of the best bands out right now and it would be a shame if others don't feel the same way!

Check them out here

and here

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