Mindfield - (W)hole in the Head

The digital age has both helped and hurt the global music scene. A tremendous benefit of technology has been the access fans now have to the bands and music they love, while on the the flip side, bands have been able to develop relationships with their fans from anywhere in the world with the click of a button. The downside however is that the music scene is cluttered with bands that are not ready for primetime. It's so easy to be heard nowadays bands are putting their music out in record numbers and unfortunately too many of them just aren't ready. It makes finding good music quite difficult. Mindfield is NOT one of those bands!

With crunching guitars, machine gun precision drumming and vocals that explode one minute and sing with pain and emotion the next, the Polish metal band Mindfield have some big things coming their way. Formed in 2008 by vocalist Karol "Panku" Pankiewicz and drummer Konrad Babula, Mindfield burst onto the metal scene with their debut EP Snap of Finegrs which was well received amongst Polish fans and critics alike. The band then released their debut LP, Teeth Marks in 2012 and the follow up, (W)hole in the Head in the Fall of 2015. The current lineup consists of Pankiewicz, Babula, Tomasz Swierad (guitar) and Adam Kostrzab (bass).

(W)hole in the Head is a breath of fresh air as it expertly mixes heavy metal with a touch of hardcore and rap/metal (think Korn and Rage Against the Machine) with aggresive conviction. Songs like "Public Killa" (featuring Rasta from Decapitated), "40 & Four", "Wild?" and "Pinky" come at you like a ton of bricks. They're all different in style and sound but they all contain the punch and fury this band displays so well. On songs like "Find Myself" and "Lazarus" the guys aren't afraid to tone it down and allow their lighter side to shine.

After listening to (W)hole in the Head (as well as tracks off their previous releases) it's no wonder Mindfield are gaining momentum and pushing the envelope on the International metal scene. Keep an eye on these guys...I have a feeling you'll be hearing much more from them in the near future!


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