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This is a music blog, first and foremost. We tend to talk about live shows, record releases, what music makes us feel and why we keep coming back for more. This piece is a little different but the musical tie-in and insight is as relevant as anything I can think of. This piece was inspired by the events that took place in Zimbabwe which led to the senseless slaughter of one of their national treasures, Cecil the lion.

Walter James Palmer, an American dentist from Minnesota, allegedly paid over $50,000 to hunt and kill a lion during a recent "sport hunting" expedition in Zimbabwe. Hunting for survival is one thing, the senseless slaughter of an animal for "SPORT" is nothing less than inhumane. I guess this guy needed to compensate for a few shortcomings so he had to lure an innocent creature out of its home and destroy it. Feel like a big man now Palmer?? What a loser...anyway, back to the story.

On July 1st of this year, Palmer and a group of hunters lured Cecil out of his protected home in a national park so the kill would be "legal", and shot him with a bow and arrow. This didn't quite get the job done so the crew tracked Cecil for the next 40 hours, caught up with him and shot him dead. They then proceeded to behead and skin him and vanish like the rats they are. Just typing this makes me sick but there's a muscial point to all of this for me and hopefully for you.

Life can be dark, ugly, unfair and straight up evil. Music however is there to combat all of those things, even if it's just for a minor escape. A way to float away and feel good amongst the shit all around you. The root cause of all evil is plain and simple...people. The Human Race. This thought led me to a David Bowie song that seems to be as prophetic as one can get. The song is Oh! You Pretty Things and the lyric that stood out to me the second I read this story is "The earth is a bitch, we've finished our news, Homo Sapiens have outgrown their use."

Bowie has always been ahead of his time, but on this track from the 1971 release Hunky Dory, his knowledge is perfectly on time! Thanks for the insight David, maybe the human race will one day figure it out.

Video courtesy of Youtube

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