Music, Take Me Away!

Living in the NYC area I've come to expect just two seasons: Searing Summer and White Out Winter. Neither is ideal, neither is fun and they make me long for the days when we actually had a Spring and Fall to break up these two unforgiving, uncaring monsters. What does ANY of this have to do with music you ask? Keep reading...

Earlier this week, my home, along with many other homes, lost power. It was 95 degrees outside with a heat index between 100-105 degrees fahrenheit. Ah, summer in the Northeast! Anyway, with no chance of feeling cool I started to think about music that sounds like a cool breeze, a vacation on a tropical island with natural beauty, water and drinks. If you're going to be hot you might as well have some perks to go along with it.

There are many genres of music and some specific songs that scream vacation. Reggae is the most obvious choice. For some reason though my mind went directly to the Mad Caddies. Ska is clearly an offshoot of Reggae but provides that punk rock element that I love. Listening to just about any Mad Caddies song should put you (mentally anyway) on a white sandy beach, cool breeze blowing through your hair and a fun, colorful, umbrella served rum drink in your hand! So the next time you lose power or just cannot stay cool during a brutal heatwave, throw on some Mad Caddies and enjoy your stay!

#MadCaddies #Ska

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