NYHC Alive and Well in the Forgotten Borough

New York City is home to many things....trafiic, noise, pollution, and other slightly unpleasant trappings. A city for the faint of heart it is not. That being said, New York is also known for its trendsetting and cultural accomplishments. One such exploit is muic. In particular, New York Hardcore.

From the tough and gritty streets of early 1980's New York City a loud, in your face, breakdown beat style of punk, metal and thrash emerged into one large bombastic force called Hardcore. The term "Hardcore" is largely attributed to scene legends Agnostic Front as they looked to separate themselves from the art and drug music scene happening at the time.

As the 80's became the 90's and the 90's the 2000's, music had gone through many differnt cycles. One constant however was NYHC. With a loyal and rabid fan base behind them, the bands who started it all are for the most part still going strong today. Two of those bands, Brooklyn's Biohazard and Staten Island's Enrage are coming together for what promises to be a classic night in the forgotten borough of Staten Island.

Before both bands embark on a trip to Belgium to take part in the 23rd Ieper Hardcore Fest in mid August they will join forces in Staten Island, New York to deliver a few hours of unapologetic hardcore music for what will be a packed house at the Hashtag Bar. Biohazard began their career in Brooklyn, NY back in 1987 while Staten Island's Enrage has been a part of the scene since 1991. With both bands being NYHC veterans this is a gig you do not want to miss.

Biohazard is known for their heavy, hardcore sound with elements of hip hop mixed in (a collaboration with rap group Oynx and an appearance on the multi-platinum Judgement Night soundtrack are great examples of this) and a Brooklyn attitude through and through. Enrage has been playing shows from New York to Europe and back with the likes of Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, Type O Negative, Life of Agony, Sick of it All, Biohazard and many more for 25 years.

New York City may not be as gritty as it was back in the day but for one night in Staten Island (July 24th, Hashtag Bar - SI,NY), the New York Hardcore scene will be as tough and gritty as ever!!

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