Joining the Fight with War On Women

"You would do well to remember just how fluid is gender, you're a relic of the second wave, and we've waved goodbye", snarls lead singer and elocutionist Shawna Potter on "Second Wave Goodbye" off of their self titled debut LP.

War On Women is a sonic smack of reality delivered by a co-ed feminist punk/hardcore band. Their blistering speed and fury lay the foundation for the no nonsense, in your face lyrics exploding from Potter on every track. I've listened to feminist bands before but none quite like War On Women. I've mentioned that they're "co-ed" and I think that's great. The message and knowledge of their mission benefits all people (men and women alike) as it's about equality first and foremost. Having guys in the band is just another sign of how genuine and true this relenting outfit really is.

The sound of this record is pure power and energy. If you can imagine At The Drive-In and Bad Brains being crossbred with some spoken word thrown in, all coming from a purposeful female vocalist, then you have a good starting point as to what to look for from War On Women. Didn't I tell you they were diffrent?

I've always felt that the best music has to have many elements and layers but most of all it has to be honest and moving. Say what you will about punk or hardcore (I love it but I know some are turmed off by the speed and volume), the best versions are in your face and brutally authentic. This goes for the sound as well as the message and lyrics. If the following lyrics off of "Say it", the second track on War On Women do not qualify then I give up:

"Daddy, daddy if I was raped would you wanna know where I walked? Would you wanna know what I wore? Would you wanna know who he was? What if I was 30 or 12? What if I had one drink? If the victim is your daughter does that complicate the blaming?"

It just doesn't get more honest than that, does it? I happen to be the father of a young daughter so these issues (not just rape, but everything War On Women profess) resonate with me to my core and I'm glad they have the guts and moxie to offer this to the world.

The video (courtesy of YouTube) at the top of this article is "Effemimania" from their 2012 EP Improvised Weapons. For more on War On Women:

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