Greetings From Croatia - Fast Response

I'll readily admit I had no idea there was an American punk scene in Croatia, and who knows, maybe there isn't. What there is however is the band Fast Response hailing from Zagreb, Croatia and they kick ass!

Fast Response released their debut album, Welcome To Corruptia in February, 2014. It's chock full of hard driving riffs, skate punk speed drumming, melodic vocals and enough anger and anti-establishment sentiments for all fans of punk rock to enjoy.

These guys are certainly fans of American west coast punk bands like NOFX and have spun their own sound and attitude out of what they probably grew up listening to. They have a keen sense of where to be melodic and where to be agressive and when to combine the two. Lyrically they hit a few homeruns as well by diving into some classic punk rock social issues like boredom, equal rights, hypocrisy and corruption. Take this line from the albums opening track, "Corruptia" - "A guy I know is religious, his best friend is Jesus. He acts like a jerk, but he goes to church. He drinks seven pints then beats his own wife". The straightforward nature of their songs permiate throughout the record. I like a number of songs on Welcome To Corruptia but the second track may be my favorite. The song is called "Cuntspiracy" (listen to it at the top of the page) and begins with "I come from the land of greed and hate, a fate I can't escape. I got so high and I never felt so low, did what I was told and I lost my soul". Another punch in the throat from these guys, and I want more.

If this is how bands from other countries are creating their sound by borrowing from the old school American punk scene, I say fuck yes, and keep it coming my friends! I don't know much about Fast Response yet but they're on my radar now and I'll cautiously predict some pretty big things from them if everything breaks right. Here's to hoping...

*Video courtesy of YouTube

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