About soundEVOLUTION

Welcome to soundEVOLUTION, your home for your passion....music!

We're very excited to announce we've added a huge component to what we do at SoundEvolution. Welcome to the home of SoundEvolution Music, a new indie record label hoping to offer music that moves you. We're genre-less and open to what the world of music has to offer. So follow us on all of our social media accounts to stay up to date on which artists will be coming your way from the SoundEvolution Music family! Welcome to the Evolution Revolution!

The birth of SoundEvolution came from the desire to discuss music with anyone and everyone who shares the passion and love for what brings all humanity closer together more than anything else, the music we love! There's all sorts of tastes, styles, opinions, genres and diversity out there and we intend to open the flood gates and share it all. 


We're no different than any of you reading this right now. When life gets a little out of hand, we turn to music to calm the waters. When life is perfect, we listen to our favorite songs in celebration. In short, music is a part of the good, the bad and the in between that we all face so why not face it together?


Thanks for being a part of SoundEvolution!